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The Amazone Spreader is one of the best precision spreaders in the world. Precision means less cost, less fertiliser, pesticide and seed, as well as less diesel and working time, while still maintaining, or even improving, yield potential. These implements can spread fertilisers, seeds, slug pellets, dried sludge, dry poultry manure and lime and are suitable for applications ranging from orchards through to large commercial farms.

Full range of Amazone spreaders avalible

ZA-X Perfect Centrifugal broadcaster

The twin disc spreader for smaller to medium sized arable farms and grassland farms. The ZA-X Perfect allows convenient adjustment and the accurate spreading of all commercial types of fertiliser up to 18 m and with Urea up to 15 m.

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ZA-M Centrifugal Broadcaster

The ZA-M 1001 twin disc spreader is the value for money machine to start the ZA-M technology. The basic hopper of 1000 litres capacity can easily be increased to 1500 litres with the robust, boltable extensions.  

The ZA-M 1201 twin disc spreader is equipped with a large 1200 litre basic hopper. The capacity can be increased to 2700 using extensions. 

ZA-M 1501 features a large hopper capacity of 1500 litres which can be increased by extensions up to 3000 litres. The versions with extensions (ZA-M 2201, 2501, 2701, 3001)  are also available as complete machines ex works.

New: The Safety-Set comes as standard. The Amazone ZA-M with the up to date Safety-Set offers more safety. Implements mounted on to high speed tractors require clear visibiliy in road traffic. AMAZONE has integrated the strict demands on safety into a modern design. 

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ZGB Trailed Spreader

The AMAZONE‘s ZG-B range of bulk fertiliser spreaders represents a high output range of machines for the efficient and ecological application of mineral fertilisers and earth moist fertilisers. All models have certain features in common: they offer the best possible spreading accuracy, maximum reliability, and are easy and convenient to operate, which makes them ideal for use by large farms, agricultural contractors

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