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Slurry equiptment


Conor Engineering have been at the forefront of quality manufactured farm machinery since 1969. Since then they have established a reputation in the agricultural industry for producing strong, reliable, durable products. Conor’s policy of constant research and development over the past 40 years has ensured it has remained at the forefront of technological developments and advancements in the farm machinery industry. Over this time Conor has also built a reputation of producing top quality, reliable, robust machinery which represent excellent value for money. Conor Engineering is currently exporting to over 10 international markets and has a wide range of dealers in different countries.

  •  Battioni vacuum pump

  • 2 pack oven baked paint finish

  • Rolled from high quality 6mm British steel

  • Full LED road lighting kit

  • Heavy duty rear discharge valve

  • One quick fill point

  • One wash down point

  • Two blanked off filling points 

  • Anti enclosure rings for strength and durability

  • 2 heavy duty sight glasses

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Sanitary trap

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Slurry Agitators

The new range of Conor megamix high performance slurry pumps have unrivalled mixing power and are ultra-efficient. Its unique design not only makes it user friendly and virtually maintenance free but it also makes it the strongest, most powerful and most efficient slurry pump on the market. Models include the 5000, 6000 and 7000 in mobile or static versions and come in depth from 6’6” to 9’.

Bale Wrappers 

The Conor 9700 Trailed Balewrappers are the result of an evolutionary process of constant refinement and upgrading. A balewrapper can expect a punishing and demanding life so strength and simplicity of engineering is an integral part of the Conor 9700 Series. Building on this solid foundation Conor now offer a range form the manually operated 9700 up to the 9700E Electronic, a highly efficient unit which reduces operator workload.

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