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Wilson Machinery

Your local dealer and service agent for:

  • Multiple sized loaders self levelling or non self levelling to suit every make and model of tractor from 50hp to 150hp+


  • Sleek design with pipes and hoses located inside the beam to ensure safety and visibility is maximised Market's best torsional and bending resistance


  • Subframe brackets painstakingly designed to perfectly suit each tractor model

Wilson Machinery Quicke Front Loader
  • Conor slurry tankers are built to the highest standard to ensure a long life and to give the customer exceptional quality and value


  • Conor tanks have a robust design which combined with skilled workmanship ensures top quality machinery


  • Conor tanks are made using top quality components and give the customer excellent value for money.

Wilson Machinery Conor Slurry Tanker
  • Amazone is the harvest to harvest specialist and caters for all farm sizes and budgets


  • Centrifugal fertiliser spreaders either mounted with hopper capacities up to 4200 litres or trailed up to 8200 litres.


  • Centrifugal fertiliser spreaders either mounted with hopper capacities up to 4200 litres or trailed up to 8200 litres

Wilson Machinery Amazone spreader
  • Perfect and clean cuts are pivotal for high-quality forage. KRONE mowers deliver perfect results


  • These high-quality machines are strong, sturdy and absolutely dependable.


  • The wedge-shaped and fully welded cutterbar provides perfect cuts even in the most diffi cult conditions

Wilson Machinery Krone Baler
  • Suitable for both large and small livestock breeders and for every specific situation.


  • Trioliet machines can be built to measure. Its high quality make the mixer feeder wagon unique, efficient and fuel efficient.


  • Features available include a 2 speed gearbox to aid start up in single tractor situations where one tractor does the loading and mixing.

Wilson Machinery Trioliet Feeder

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